PIXEL – Modernization of the heating system and water and sewage installations. in the company’s headquarters building

Modernization of the heating system and plumbing in the building of the PIXEL Sp. z o.o.

The scope of work included:

Office building:
• installation of central heating;
• installation of water and sewage;
• assembly of bathroom fittings;
• expansion of the gas boiler room;
• reconstruction of the solar installation, air conditioning and ventilation;
• assembly of air conditioners.

Hall building:
• installation of ventilation and air handling unit;
• installation of cooling and heating systems based on air / water heat pumps with a capacity of 2×60 kW;
• installation of air humidification (fog installation) for technological requirements for the production of electronic components (air temperature between 21-22 ͦ C winter / summer, air humidity between 28-30% winter / summer);
• installation of two VBW ventilation units with a capacity of approximately 8,000 m3 / h each;
• assembly of air conditioning systems in storage rooms.