About company


Grupa Firm Instalacyjnych Ltd. was established in 2005 as a response to the growing demands of the installation market. Our goal is to create a significant execution potential that is able to meet the tough technical challenges of installation services. We combine several installation companies with many years of experience in the field of heating and sanitary technology. Our staff consists of about 100 highly qualified professionals, including installers, welders, technicians, work executives and other members responsible for investment projects.

Managers are people with higher education, with building and construction qualifications without restrictions.

GFI works in many specialties in the heating and sanitary industries. From the internal installation of water supply, gas, boiler room, heating node, through the installation of ventilation and air conditioning to the external sanitary and district heating. The company participates in specialized tasks, like the implementation of a heated football pitch. In 2010 Grupa Firm Instalacyjnych became a contractor of a multi-family residential building, which started a comprehensive realization in the field of general construction. It all resulted in obtaining a high-quality assessment of our services with proven references and recommendations.

GFI broadened the circle of investors and customers. The realization of several investment tasks has established our position among contracting entities acting as General Contractors. Today, we cooperate with several major construction companies from Kujawsko-Pomorski  region and Pomerania.

Our company can boast about large-area installations, hospitals, distribution centers, public buildings and high-tech plants.

In 2008, the company created a facility that contains power tools, drills and light construction equipment as well as a backhoe loader. This facility is primarily intended for installers working with our company to improve the work efficiency.

GFI also cooperates with private clients as well as cooperation. Providing services to this group of customers requires staff with greater commitment, precision, accuracy and professionalism, which is gained through many years of experience.

As a professional executer, we supply our materials from well-known brands and manufacturers. Furthermore, installers are regularly trained with new installation systems and systems used in daily work in order to expand their knowledge.

In order to maintain high quality of our services, we implemented ISO 9001: 2009 quality management system in April 2015.
We offer our clients a comprehensive realization of the tasks assigned.