PIXMET – Construction of the production plant with the warehouse and office space

Construction of a production plant together with warehouse and office space of PIXMET Company on Raczkowskiego St. in Bydgoszcz.

The scope of work included:

  • execution of a boiler room based on the Vitocrossal 200 gas condensing boiler with a Vitotronic 300 weather regulator up to 170kW;
  • execution of heating office rooms with a mixed radiator – floor system;
  • ventilation and recuperation of office and social rooms;
  • ventilation of the production and storage hall;
  • performing the heating of the hall with wall heaters;
  • execution of air-conditioning in office rooms;
  • execution of external connections for gas, water, sanitary and rainwater sewage systems;
  • construction of rainwater storage tank and pumping station;
  • execution of an internal plumbing system with assembly of bathroom fittings;
  • construction of an internal rainwater drainage system.